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Turn your pillow into an earphone

Sleepbar® v2.0

The most comfortable way to listen.

Won't disturb your partner in bed

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Sleepbar® v2.0

So, how does Sleepbar® work?

Connect wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or TV (if it features bluetooth).

Sleepbar uses bone conduction to play your bedtime sounds softly through your pillow, without disturbing your partner.

Music, Podcasts, Sleep-sounds and more. Sleepbar® lets you listen to the things you love in comfort.

Earphones were never designed for bedtime..

Headbands and Earphones

Wires, bulky & not comfortable for sleeping.

No customisable shutdown timer

Needs charging all the time


As comfortable as nothing at all

Fully customisable shutdown timer

Longer battery life than any earphone

Get more from your Sleepbar® with the Dusker Audio App.

Auto Shutdown Timer

Custom Equaliser Settings

Designed for Simplicity

Play all the things you love.

From music to podcasts, sleep-sounds to audiobooks.
Sleepbar connects wirelessly to your phone and works just like your earphones do.

Who is Sleepbar® for?

Bed Sharers

Sleepbar® can only be heard through your pillow - so it won't disturb your partner. Fix your sleep, without breaking theirs.

Side Sleepers

We get it. It's the comfiest position. If your ear is against the pillow anyway, Why not listen to your favourite sounds?

Safety First Sleepers

Headphones cut you off from your home and family. Sleepbar® lets you keep one ear on your sounds, and one ear on what matters most.

Take a closer look.

Frequently asked questions

Here's the answer to the most common asked questions about Sleepbar®.

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