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Hybliss Pure Silk Eyemask

Handcrafted from Luxury 22-Momme Mulberry Silk. Unbeatable comfort on even the warmest nights.

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What makes Hybliss Eyemask Different?

We took all best features from our favourite eye-masks and supercharged them with silk.

Why Silk? It's ultra low friction, so wont snag, pull-on or steal the moisture from your skin. Keeping your eyes young.

No More Sweaty Eyes with naturally thermo-regulating silk.

Blocks 99% of light for those morning sleep in's.

Extra-wide and comfy band that won't slip off, or hurt your head.

Long-lasting, reinforced seams for years of reliable, daily use.

Machine Washable on low temps, for extra convenience.

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Hybliss Pure Silk Eyemask

Hybliss Pure Silk Eyemask

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I've tried 20+ eyemasks. The Hybliss is about as good as it gets"
Martin Collins

The Hybliss eyemask doesn't cut corners. It's covered front to back in quality silk.

That means less friction on your skin and total protection you from wrinkles and skin pulling..

AND an eyemask that glides over your pillowcase when you turn, stopping the mask twisting around your head in the night.

WE made everything better.

  Hybliss Eyemask Other Eyemasks
99% Blackout
Comfort Headband
Temperature Regulating
Pure 22-Momme Silk

Keeps your eyes young. Doesn't let light in.

What more could you need from an eyemask?

Blocks 99% of Light

Our 3D Eyecups form a light-blocking seal around your eyes, while leaving them room to breath.

The Perfect Temp

Silk is naturally thermo-regulating, so no more sweaty eyes on even the warmest summer nights.

Keeps your Eyes Young

Other materials can steal the moisture from your eyes, and snag your skin as you turn in the night. Hybliss won't.

Invisible Feel

Refreshingly light 100% Silk Eyecups that feel invisible against your skin.

Naturally Anti-Allergy

To protect your eyes from the puffiness caused by fungus and mold that can grow cheaper eye-masks

Machine Washable

Better sleep night after night.
*based on 30 minutes use per day

Hybliss Eyemask is perfect if..

✔️ you find that normal eyemasks get sweaty during the night
✔️ you can't seem to find an eyemask that fits
✔️ you worry about eye-masks causing wrinkles or ageing your eyes.
✔️ you're prone to puffy-eyes or allergies

Whats in the bag?

1 x Hybliss Eyemask

Your Question, Our Answers.

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