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A game changer! No more headphones. It works like magic through the pillow. I can hear it. My husband can’t. It’s small. Portable. Will take it on my travels.

Very neat fits perfectly under pillow without being felt. Easy to connect and use and timer works well.

Only criticism is some talking sounds a bit muffled but other things don’t do think it depends on the thing you’re listening to. Music is great. Not tried an audio book yet.

I just received it yesterday and used it last night! I felt so relaxed and helped me get off to sleep a little quicker than normal

Neat compact product … works well … could be good if there was a volume button with it

working beside my sons pillow , helping him relax to go to sleep

I used to have a pillow with microphones in it. This makes it possible to use with any pilow so will be great for travelling as well as at home.

Was in hospital and needed to block out hospital noise. It works so well and I stayed calm and slept.

I bought this gift for my husband and he loves it. It solves the challenge of him falling asleep with his headphones or earbuds in. I'm also able to sleep without hearing whatever he is listening to.

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Hilary E.

I find this amazing. It really works and does exactly what it says. I use it every night now to fall asleep listening to my audio book and no one can hear it ! A great invention.

My son liked it , it was my Christmas present!

Great for distracting me when husband is watching American Football in bed. I listen to calming music which he can’t hear

I was a bit nervous when I realized this was coming from outside the USA, however it arrived in time and was good quality. Only used it one night but love it so far.

It seems to help gentle water sounds work best for me cheers happy new year

I have previously owned pillows with built in speakers which I found were good but the pillows themselves weren’t of the best quality.

The Sonisleep bar is a class apart. I can use a better pillow for more comfortable sleep but still get crystal clear sound through the speaker no matter where I lay my head. An excellent product.

Did nit think the sound would be as clear as it is to be honest. For the first time in years Ive drifted off to sleep within 1/2 hour if going to bed.I know this as I put it on timer ..Love love love it.

Works exactly like advertised - would be nice if it had some volume control so i could leave my phone away from my bed, but it's hardly an issue.

Works brilliantly. I get a great nights sleep using it. So much easier than using headphones. Would highly recommend.

This was bought as a Christmas present so could not send a review earlier. Spoke to the person I gave it to and they are very pleased with it. Helps to go to sleep well before it switches off

I’m really enjoying my SoniSleep which I use most nights. My pillow is very dense so it’s not clear enough if I’m listening to a story (depending on the voice) but for music it is excellent. Much better than ear buds or sleep headphones.

Works well, no longer have to wear earbuds in bed.

Can’t believe how clear it is through a pillow. Very happy to not be tangled up in headphone chords anymore. Perfect for listening to pod casts at night as doesn’t disturb other sleepers.

I use the original Purple pillow and the sound bar comes through nice and clear without having to crank the volume. The sound does not travel to my husband’s side of the bed

This was a gift for someone who thinks it’s just brilliant.

So far it seems like it’s going to work great. The only thing I can’t figure out is how to get my morning alarm to play only through the sonisleep and not on my phone as well, so I don’t wake up my husband.

Such a great tool and much better than earbud for not disturbing your partner. I need to do some adjusting to make the sound as crisp as possible but otherwise easy to use and transport. Thanks!