What Do Blind People Dream About?

What Do Blind People Dream About?
Believe it or not, blind people dream just like sighted people do, and the content of their dreams can be just as diverse.
There are many stories and accounts of blind people who have experienced vivid and rich dreams, often with a strong emphasis on other sensory modalities such as sound, touch, and smell.
Some blind individuals have reported dreaming in braille, while others have reported being able to see in their dreams despite their blindness.
One well-known story is that of the French author and philosopher Helen Keller, who was both blind and deaf. Keller wrote about her dreams in her autobiography, describing them as being in a world of touch, smell, and sound rather than visual images.
Another is of a blind woman who dreamt of being able to see, and also of a blind man who dreamt of playing soccer, in both cases, they were able to feel and hear the things in their dreams as if they were real.
It is also worth noting that not all blind people dream in non-visual ways, some dream as sighted people do.
Additionally, some studies have found that blind individuals may be more likely to dream in black and white or in shades of gray rather than in color.
However, it's important to note that these findings are based on small sample sizes and may not be representative of the dream experiences of all blind people.
All in all, while the content of dreams may be different for blind individuals, they are still able to dream and experience the same range of emotions as sighted people do.
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