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12% of People Dream Entirely in Black and White

12% of People Dream Entirely in Black and White
Insane dream fact that you didn’t know: 12% of people dream entirely in black and white.
An even crazier fact: That number was roughly 25% when black-and-white television was more prevalent.
This phenomenon is known as the "black and white dream" and is thought to be related to the way that people perceive the world.
The exact reason why some people dream in black and white is not entirely understood, but there are several theories.
One theory is that people who dream in black and white have a more limited emotional range or may be less visually oriented.
Another theory is that the prevalence of black-and-white dreams is related to the way that people perceived the world before the widespread availability of color media.
Before the 1950s, most people only watched black-and-white TV, and most photographs were in black-and-white, so it's possible that people's brains may have developed a tendency to perceive and process visual information in black and white.
You should note that just because someone has a black-and-white dream, it doesn't mean that their emotional range is limited or that they are less visually oriented, it's just a different way that the brain processes the information.
You see, our brains and dreams are still complex, and much of what we know is just surface-level information that we’ve discovered in recent years.
Dreams are a complex phenomenon, and the exact reason why people dream in black and white is still not fully understood.
Overall, there's no evidence that dreaming in black and white has any negative effect on the dreamer or on their mental or physical health.
It’s just a cool and surprisingly existing phenomenon in today’s vibrant and colorful modern world.
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