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Customer Reviews

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Robert M Reed (Revere, US)
Surprisingly great.

I. received this as a gift. I can't go to sleep most nights without listening to something as a distraction. That has meant putting in one earphone loosely. It works but it's not ideal. The Sleepbar is a big improvement. I would have been worried it would be gimmicky or wouldn't work well, but it's really good. It paired easily via bluetooth. It's not uncomfortable to sleep on. It's plenty loud when you put your head anywhere near it on the pillow. It's very quite/inaudible otherwise. It has a tacky back so it stays put. There really isn't anything I don't like about it.

Kate Darlow (Wigan, GB)
Just a remark ….or two

1. Needs to have longer timer options.
2. Clearly, from the below comments, needs more volume and volume control.

Richard Clement (Sydney, AU)
Would be lost without it

My first gen I had from the very early days. I get to sleep so much easier listening to a podcast. Second gen has just arrived and is charging up! Excited to get going!

Customer (Thousand Oaks, US)
THE Best!

I absolutely love my Sleepbar. Highly recommend it as it is everything as described. I bought it because I listen to music to fall asleep and usually use a headband with speakers. The Sleepbar is a much better alternative because it allows me to still hear what's going on around me, if necessary. It's so great that my husband will steal it away from me. Time to buy him one!

Christine (Edmonton, CA)
Fairly happy with it

I like to listen to stuff all night but my spouse doesn't so decided to try the sleep bar. It does last all night and the sound varies depending on the pillow like they mention. Just wish it had volume buttons and pause. Also the battery percentage on my phone isn't very accurate. But overall I'm happy with it, does what I want fairly well

Marilyn (Boise, US)
Great sleepbar!

Love this sleepbar. I purchased it to listen calming meditations at night before falling asleep. Earbuds are just to uncomfortable and I saw this advertised and I had to give it a try. No regrets.

Kat (Oldbury, GB)
Great product, even though it didn't do the trick for me

I bought this because I always listen to audio books to sleep, and I am prone to ear infections, so the ear buds I use are counter indicated.

I think the device works really well if you're into white noise or music. Because I go for speech, I end up either having to crane my neck in funny positions, to make maximum contact with the pillow at the right spot - which means I wake up with a sore neck - or have it loud enough that my partner can hear it through my head and pillow - they asked me if I can hear the people talking outside the window.

Otherwise the product quality is great, really easy to set up, and does what it says in the box!

100% recommend for music/white noise snoozers.
95% recommended for solo room sleepers.
65% recommend for people who share beds/rooms.
If your house is louder than mine is, your hearing is better than mine, your partner's hearing is worse than my partners or your pillow works better for the conduction, it's still a great product!

Hayley L (Blackpool, GB)
On my second, gutted I lost the first

I 100% recommend this item as I use it almost every night, it allows me to listen to podcasts, while my husband and baby can't hear a thing. I can listen out for baby waking or fussing and still drift off whatever time of night it is without disturbing anyone else! (I left my first one when we went away on a family break - gutted!)

Spiro Alisandratos (Melbourne, AU)
Good product

Only issue is that you need to have volume at max on the phone to hear it properly

Joseph Chianese (Santa Monica, US)

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